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About SolunarDiagram.com

This website has been created by JohnTibell.com. Some parts of the software and algoritms have been written from scratch while other parts have been modified and based on software that is freely available on the Internet. Data for geographical places has been obtained from Geonames.org.

About the Solunar Theory

There is a lot of information available about the solunar theory online but here is some basic information about it. Wildlife activity has always been impacted by the movements of the moon and sun. For example, some days are much better for fishing and hunting. Sometimes this can be due to the weather conditions or season but very often the reason is the moon and sun phase.

The moon and sun gives us light, both during the day and night. Sometimes the light is more favourable for certain activities. Those times normally happen when the moon is closer, are in a particular phase and/or overlaps with the sun. We use those factors to create a unique solunar diagram that is adjusted to your timezone and geographical location.

The solunar diagram is not a "miracle cure" but it can help you a lot if used wisely. You should always consider other conditions such as the weather, barometric pressure, location, season etc. If you have feedback for us, please use our Contact form.

Created with

- HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Java and C. Google Maps API are used for maps.

- A modified version of Kevin Boone's excellent solunar command-line utility made in C.

- Geodata has been downloaded from Geonames.org, a great resource with many free tools.

- Som parts of the software use IO Info to correctly determine user position.

- PHP Plot, a great and simple to use image drawing software using the GD Library.

- HTML to PDF conversion software from wktohtmlpdf.org. (recommended!)

- Voluntary contributors on Stack Overflow, Ask Ubuntu and other similar online communities.

- All other hard working and skilled contributors to Linux and Ubuntu.

- The website is based on Linux and hosted on Linode.com. Great and flexible cloud hosting.

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