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Solunar Diagram for Saturday 13 April 2019, near Lake Buchanan, US

The green periods in the diagram below shows the most active periods for Saturday 13 April 2019 near Lake Buchanan. You can expect wildlife and fishing to be at it's peak around these periods for this day. The overall activity based on the solunar report for Saturday 13 April 2019 near Lake Buchanan is forecasted to be average. The daily forecast is based on the overall solunar score of 52%. Use arrows below the diagram to move to next or previous day for the same location.

Places nearby

Lake Buchanan
1.26 km
Silver Creek Village
(populated place)
1.78 km
Beaver Creek
2.00 km
Maxwells Slough
2.14 km
Campground Creek
2.16 km
Alexander Branch
2.25 km
Buchanan Lake Village
(populated place)
2.48 km
Silver Creek
2.62 km
Long Branch
3.01 km
Cowan Creek
3.13 km
Chimney Slough
3.19 km
Adams Creek
3.23 km
Lacy Creek
3.97 km
Niter Creek
4.06 km

Sun and Moon (13 Apr 2019 near Lake Buchanan)

(time of sunrise near Lake Buchanan)
(time of sunset near Lake Buchanan)
(time of moonrise near Lake Buchanan)
(time of moonset near Lake Buchanan)
High Noon:
(time of high noon near Lake Buchanan)
Moon phase:
(moon phase near Lake Buchanan)
0.27 1st quarter
Moon age:
(moon age 13 Apr 2019)
7.9 days
Moon Distance:
(moon distance 13 Apr 2019)
365564 km
Coincidence Score:
(overlap between sun and moon)
Moon Distance Score:
(strength of moon light)
Moon Phase Score:
(how beneficial moon phase is)
Overall Solunar Score:
(combined value of scores)
Number of Peaks:
(peaks 13 Apr 2019 near Lake Buchanan)
(peaks 13 Apr 2019 near Lake Buchanan)
07:34 13:52 19:58

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